Sunday, January 22, 2017

Doing the impossible: NOT commenting on the new US president

There is SO MUCH disagreeing, dismay, disputing, dissing, dismissing, disrespecting, divisiveness, doubt, discouragement, direness, doomsaying out there. Ugh.

It feels like living in this:

I'm craving lightness, sweetness, silliness, goofiness, nonsense. So that's what I'm dishing up today, via the... (shuffling the Whimsical Tarot, a card sticks up, it's...what the heck?) Nine of Swords!
The exact card that feels just like the foggy black cloud hanging over me! Very funny, Tarot.

Pulling a dismaying card often happens when reading tarot. Oh brother, how do I work that into the reading?
Well, what's its context? What is the spread position? How can that card have a glimmer of good in it? What positive can be sucked from it? How can it be put to use?

Alright then, I'm building a post about sweetness and light out of a dark and discouraging card. I extend a sincere apology to all the decks whose Nine of Swords I'm about to malign, make fun of, misuse and abuse. Please take it in the spirit of fun in which it is intended!
A few years ago, at the Readers Studio, Ferol Humphrey introduced us to a warm-up technique she calls 'blurts'. It means exactly that. You flip over a card and blurt out the first thing that comes into your head: stupid or sassy or silly, doesn't matter. Ferol provided us with a prompt, something like 'I love it when...' but I've omitted that and just blurted right out onto this blog, un-prompted.

First up, the Whimsical Tarot and Rapunzel.
Don't worry, it'll grow back.

Next, the Xultun Tarot.
Where the hell is that good-for-nothing caddy?

Elora Tarot, from right here in Ontario!
Coaching the synchronized swim team

The Chrysalis Tarot (cropped)
I know that recipe is here somewhere!

The Modern Spellcaster's Tarot.
She'll never get a fire started that way...

Shakespearian Tarot
Anti-aging creams - yeah, right.

English Magic Tarot
AAAHHH! Ant hill!

The Minoan Tarot
I pick Door #3.

Deirdre of the Sorrows
I sure hope you're the Tooth Fairy...

If this silliness lightened your heart and lifted your spirits even a little, I'm glad!