Sunday, January 29, 2017

Back to some comfort decks this week, and the word 'nice'

Since September, I've been working with unfamiliar decks, hoping to becoming conversant with more of what's on my tarot shelves.Twenty-three of them in the Fall and twenty-one this Winter. That's a LOT of new artwork to absorb. My head is reeling.
(Sorry about this annoying picture. Keep scrolling and she'll go away)

So this week I'm reverting to three old favourites: the AnnaK, the Victorian Fairy, and the Tarot of the Sidhe. Like mac 'n cheese, mashed potatoes, and pancakes, only tarot. Except that none of these decks is bland like my food choices!
I've asked them to tell me something nice, since it's winter and there's not a lot of sunshine and most of the political news is yucky and my Chicago mix popcorn is all gone. 

AnnaK popped up the Knight of Cups. His personality looks soft, quiet, patient. He's not running around all preoccupied and busy. His head is definitely NOT reeling. He's smiling and he brings flowers. Nice.

His message to me?
Stop and smell the roses. Look how beautiful the stars are. Clear nights and sunny days will come; be patient. Visit a kind and gentle friend. Life can be more simple if you stay away from those Facebook rants. Remember to breathe. Hole up in your cozy house and enjoy a glass of wine. Take a nighttime walk and gaze at the sky. Count your blessings - maybe your Cup runneth over and you don't even know it!

Aahh, feeling better already. What's next?

This card jumped while I shuffled the Tarot of the Sidhe. The Elder V (aka the Hierophant)
Beautiful! Mother Nature at her finest and wisest. I can't do better than to quote directly from Emily Carding's poetic companion book to this deck.
(sides trimmed, which they didn't like at first, and stopped speaking to me for a while)

Here is a portion of what she says about Elder V:
'...I am the sage that listens deeply and I am the ancient tree that speaks. I am the serpent wisdom that seeks the cunning secrets of old in the hidden places. I am the apples of the tree of knowledge and I am the seed that dwells within. I am fixed and sturdy as the roots, but as reaching as the highest branches, still growing to the sky.
     Much has passed before me and I have seen all. I would teach you some, if you would hear me. Sit a while and listen. I am tales of giants and a far gone age. I am truth of ancient gods. I am that which is fixed, yet ever growing and my trunk is old and strong.
     Join me, and see the pattern of life unfold. You may learn, yet you may teach. Take the spiral path of aged rings, and find your sacred elder within...'

I'm currently re-reading The Fellowship of the Ring, and the language, style, and sentiments are so similar to Emily's thoughts and images of this card. They both transport me to a magical place. Mmm.

Moving on to the final card.

Four of Summer from the Victorian Fairy. This is often called the Four of Cups, and at first blush doesn't seem all that cheerful. We do know that Fairies can be tricksters; is this their idea of a joke?
I ask for something nice, and they send this sad young man? Gee, thanks.

Well, it is a reminder of how beautiful are the Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer, I suppose. And it's always fun to hear Nat King Cole. But there's got to be more to it than that.
Are the clever Fairies reminding me (through another song - they're in a musical mood today!) that these are the good old days (words appear at the 2:00 mark in the video) so quit moping and wring every bit of enjoyment out of them that you can! Reflection is all well and good, but sometimes you've just gotta get up and do something!

When I was seventeen I spent two months with my Mimi and Pipi while my family's new house was being completed. These grandparents were huge proponents of rise 'n shine, day's a-wastin' - all those energetic adages. If I slept in too late (and at seventeen, that's all I ever wanted to do) they would both come upstairs, banging pot lids and singing some corny old song that I can't remember now but quickly grew to despise. Maybe Mim and Pip, both long gone now, are in cahoots with the Fairies? I love that idea! This memory brings with it a big smile, so I guess the Fairies sent something nice after all.

I hope you find something nice in your world today!