Sunday, January 08, 2017

A fresh calendar, light, and wisdom of the Empresses

As a photo, this picture is a blurry dud. I was trying to capture individual fat fuzzy flakes flurrying outside my front door, and it didn't turn out as I imagined.
BUT as a symbol of the beginning of a new calendar year, where we don't yet know anything with clarity, it's a good image. And there's even some golden light ahead - I like that! Of course, the situation in the US has us all wondering what on earth will unfold there, since it will eventually impact all of us up here in Canada, and folks around the globe. I'm clinging to this image of light and hope!

My second pull from the new batch of 21 decks for Winter is III The Empress.
I thought that this card from the Shakespearean Tarot asked the perfect question for my (and our) world as we step into 2017. "What wisdom stirs amongst you?" indeed. And the Empresses told me.

By all means, continue to nurture and hold dear your families.
Whimsical Tarot (trimmed)

Golden Tarot

Cherish our Earth, use its resources wisely, and preserve it for future generations.
Chrysalis Tarot (cropped)

Vikings Tarot

Elora Tarot

But make no mistake. This is no wishy-washy tree-hugging flower child. Rattle the cage of a sweet-looking Empress, scratch the surface of that nature-loving woman, and you get a queen, a ruler, a boss, a person to be reckoned with. She won't be pushed around. This is no wimp who caves at the first whisper of opposition. Nuh-uh.
The Shakespeare Oracle

Golden Botticelli

Xultun Tarot

Returning now to the original "What wisdom stirs amongst you?" This is a question for all of us. If we give our collective wisdom a stir, what rises to the surface of the Empress' calm demeanour? A fighting spirit, that's what. If the people and ideals that we hold dear are out! We're ready to do battle. You can depend on it.
Golden Tarot of Klimt

Haindl Tarot

The English Magic Tarot

Modern Spellcaster's Tarot

Universal Fantasy Tarot

Look out, World. The Empresses are on the march!