Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Testing, Testing: Modern SPellCaSterR'S Tarot

I don't know why the title on the box is a mix of upper and lower case letters. SPellCaSterR'S.
My first thought was that the CAPS would spell something, or be an anagram. SPCSRS. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Seniors? Somehow, I don't think so.
The lower case letters? ellate. Well, I am sort of elated to be interviewing this deck...

Note: Air and Fire are switched in this deck, which is always discombobulating to me; Swords are Fire, Wands are Air. Looking in the accompanying book by Melanie Marquis unfortunately added to my confusion. Attributes that I would consider part of Air's list were given to Fire, and vice-versa.
Oh dear, that means that I have to address it in my questions for the deck, and I don't want to. But I will, because testing this deck's usability is what this post is about.

Here we go, with the Modern Spellcaster's Tarot.

1. I'm confused. Your book mixes some of the traditional elements of Fire (swiftness, change, movement) in with Air, and includes some of the usual Air ideas (strife, conflict, and fear) with the definition of Fire. How on earth am I to read with these?
Eight of Pentacles
Well, right off the bat, I see that this deck has a sense of humour! I asked 'how on earth?' and up came Earth!
You're correct - two of our elements have been reversed. I think the answer lies in this image, where a shelter has been built one stone at a time. Read one card at a time and try not to worry about the whole deck!
If you draw a Wand or Sword, read what you see there. If you detect a blend of Fire and Air elements in a single card, then incorporate that into your interpretation of that particular card. Take it one card at a time, and remember to breathe!
As you can see, there are diverse creatures and such in the shelter. A dog, a squirrel, a couple of bags, some coins, nuts, a large green stone. All are welcome, as are all types and levels of readers. We are a friendly, easy to read, fully pictorial deck. Let go of your anxiety, and enjoy!

2. I'm not a witch or a spell-caster, and I don't work with magick. Is your deck for me too?
Seven of Pentacles
Definitely! Our images are crystal-clear (a small spellcasting joke!). We've sent you another Earth card to emphasize how down-to-earth this deck is. Water, plants, paving stones, pets, taking care - these are all part of a regular life, and not intrinsically magical. If you work with crystals - wonderful! If not...well, the image of crystals will serve your reading in a different way.  Of course this deck is for you!

3. The last word goes to you, deck. What say you?
Empress 3
Your tarot friends will be green with envy that you get to work with me! Ha! Now, let's get serious.
You initially asked a question about Wands and Swords (Fire and Air) being switched. And here we are with your final card, another Earth-based one. Not a single Wand or Sword showed up to talk to you. Are they too shy? No. Are they ignoring you? No. Do they consider your question to be silly? No. Did they stay away because they know that the Earth cards can handle it? Yes!
First of all, look at my card. I know you don't know anything about magical symbols, so I'll be straightforward with my answer.
I'm green and sitting on a rock, I have a crown made of hay or some kind of dried grass, my shield is heart-shaped, my bull has stars decorating his stomach, and he wears a necklace of flowers. There are stone archways, and fields of flowers, and a city in the misty distance.
Lots to look at, and think about, right?
Well, that's our deck exactly. Down to earth, with enough to chew on in every card just by looking at the pictures. If you want more, think about the elements and wrestle that around a bit. Magick? Check the book for ideas.

Thank you, Modern Spellcaster Tarot. I have a feeling that we'll have a fertile reading relationship!