Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas instructions from the Whimsical Tarot

Truth be told, I'd rather be curled up by the tree with its lights aglow, reading The Cricket on the Hearth or When Santa Fell to Earth, or watching a Christmas movie. Or cooking up the filling for a couple of tourtiere. Or digging through boxes of decorations and picking out my favourites. Or slicing into this year's fruitcake (oh, the anticipation!).

But, it's blogging time. And the only deck I own that has a Santa Claus card is the Whimsical Tarot drawn by Mary Hanson-Roberts. Father Christmas appears as card IV, the Emperor. Since Santa arrives on Christmas Eve, then the four preceding cards must have something helpful to say about the days leading up to it, right? That is my rationalization for this abbreviated post!
(Note: my deck has been cropped.)

Card 0 ~ the Fool


There are baskets to fill
and errands to run,
Nog and cider to swill,
Oh the fun! Oh the fun!

Card 1 ~ the Magician

I agree with you ~ Christmas is magical!
Here's what to do:
(start top left, read clockwise)
1. Wands ~ let loose your creative energy.
2. Swords ~ plan well, make lists.
3. Cups ~ take time to enjoy the prep.
4. Pents ~ budget, but not too much!

Card 2 ~ the High Priestess

Try not to get carried away.
Be a little sensible about what you can do.
Keep your expectations realistic.
Find some quiet time for your mind.
Christmas is more than a day ~ it bubbles inside you.

Card 3 ~ the Empress

Enjoy the people you have around you.
Some loved ones will be with you, others will not.
Let memories of Christmases past bring you a smile.

When your ideal does not come to fruition, shrug and let it go.
Be thankful for small things; you don't need a Norman Rockwell scene to be blessed!

Card 4 ~ the Emperor

Is Christmas just for kids?
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Did you remember to water the tree?
Does this card make you smile?
Do you know the names of all my reindeer
Only if I sing Rudolph.
Do you remember where you've hidden all the gifts you bought? 
Well, maybe not all of them...