Monday, November 28, 2016

What do you do when you purge the wrong stuff? Consult the Hanged Man, of course!

11:02 pm on Thursday, November 24
Since about 1987 I've kept an accordion file with Christmas recipes, clippings to try, who came to dinner or brunch and what was the menu, experiments and tweakings on family favourites. It's green. And I've lost it. Did I throw it into the massive piles of recycling that I've chucked out since the summer? I don't know.
At first this caused a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF PANIC, and scurrying through old emails and computer files in case my beloved recipes might be there. A few are - thank heavens. But most aren't. 

Some I can sort of almost reconstruct. But what about the rest? Well, here's the miracle...
I don't care! It feels kind of good! Freeing! I can start a new Christmas file. This one will be red. All those old ideas, things I meant to try year after year...GONE! Clean slate. I LIKE IT!

So how can I tie this clean slate thing to the new batch of Hanged Man cards that arrived this week? I don't know yet. But it will be fun!

1:46 pm, Sunday November 27
Here's what all the hanged people are telling me right now:
What are you hanging around for? Get cracking, have a look at all of us, and write this damn blog!

6:10 pm on Sunday, November 27
These 3 are upside-down, or rather right side-up, so you can see their faces as you read their comments.

No problem! Be happy!             Breathe, enjoy this pause.            Just chill. No big deal, man.       
Halloween Tarot (trimmed), Wicca Moon Tarot, All Hallows Tarot

Your Christmas folder will be reborn, fresh and new!
But this time with all the ancient experience of the dragons alongside and behind you.
Ancestral Path Tarot (trimmed), Celtic Dragon Tarot

Yeah, yeah, this is all very nice, but TICK-TOCK, you don't have forever to get this done!
Deviant Moon Tarot

No offense, but getting hung up on this problem is your own doing! You're the one who lost the folder.
Badgers Forest Tarot, Llewellyn Tarot (cropped), Silver Witchcraft Tarot

10:16 am, Monday November 28
This gorgeous painting sent me to the guidebook for the Wildwood Tarot. I can't do it justice here, so will only include a few ideas from the card's description. The Dark Woman of Knowledge (aka the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend) advises patience and "a surrender of will". She holds the "mirror of reflection" and the "orb of seeing", and sends us on our journey of the soul to "awaken afresh and full of energy".

Upon reflection, you will find some solutions that make you smile.
Note: do not try this at home, especially in the winter.
Daughters of the Moon Tarot

And that's it! I'm off to dive into some more holiday magazines...