Sunday, November 06, 2016

A Whole Day of Kings of Cups!

As I was setting out for Bookfest this morning (a good day to be leaving home - the neighbours are putting on a new roof - loud radio, guys yelling, hammering) I wondered what my latest 23-deck draw had to say about my day with books and authors.

The King of Cups has been out for a few days now; he's been re-arranged, sorted by mood and facial expression, played around with, scrutinized.

Here's how my Saturday November 5 played out, with illustrations courtesy of the Kings of Cups.

I set out in the morning, eager to meet authors and hear their work.
Celtic Wisdom Tarot

The venue was new this year, so it took some searching to hunt down my first event.
Daughters of the Moon Tarot

The visiting authors ranged from a wee bit shy, to comfortable and comical, to done-this-many-times.
Note: the centre deck, Wicca Moon, combines the Queen and King into a single card.
Mibramig Magical Tarot, Wicca Moon Tarot, Ancestral Path Tarot

I listened with interest.
Badgers Forest Tarot

One panel chatted about their magical worlds and horror plots; another was all about ancestry.
Celtic Dragon, Fairy Lights (sides trimmed), Ghosts & Spirits, Halloween (cropped)

I rode home content and full of new ideas.
Glastonbury Tarot, Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Final comments:
Bringing home an armload of books is a beautiful thing, but did you intend to buy so MANY?
Arthurian Tarot, Celtic Tarot

There you have it. A day fit for Kings!