Saturday, October 29, 2016

Co-operation vs Competition

The news here in North America is rife with all the unhealthy aspects of competition. It's been this way for many months and will continue in this sooty vein until the US election is over in early November. I've had my fill of one-upmanship, insults, digging for dirt, if-I'm-up-you-must-be-down, and all that nasty crap.

Last week I began an experiment with 23 cards-of-the-day, not because my days are so crammed that I need one card per hour to represent them (ha!), but in an attempt to get acquainted with WAY more of my decks. These 23 packs will be on the table until December 21, when the new crop'll swing in for the winter.

The Six of Wands appeared; it's been a visual and conceptual pleasure to drink in 23 versions of this celebratory image.

This morning, preparing to pick a new card, I was having a last look at the sixes and was struck by something. Victory, congratulations, adulation: there were many variations on this common theme. But two decks stood out for their co-operative feel, probably because I'm up to here with victor vs vanquished!

The Halloween Tarot has ALL the imps sharing in the victory. That looks like much more fun than the solitary conqueror in the Llewellyn Tarot below. (Don't get me wrong; I love the soft artwork of the Llewellyn. It's only one of many examples of an all hail the conquering hero view of the Six of Wands.)
And, even more shocking in our world of I win, you lose? The Badgers Forest Tarot shows the other creatures actually coming together to help the rabbit make the giant leap. This makes my heart sing! (I know, it could be interpreted very differently - but today, this week, this month, I want the singing version!)

Llewellyn Tarot (cropped), Halloween Tarot (cropped), Badgers Forest Tarot