Sunday, October 02, 2016

Breaking news...tarot predicts future!

Lang Lang playing Beethoven with the Detroit Symphony while I shuffle the Osho Zen Tarot.

Lang Lang, the 34-year-old piano-whiz-kid-turned-legend in the music world, played Beethoven's 4th Piano Concerto with the DSO last night (Saturday, October 1). And they live-streamed the whole show. What a gift! There were cameras picking up his hands and facial expressions from all angles. I'm sure I had a better seat than the paying patrons at Orchestra Hall (although they experienced the electricity of a live performance, feeling the vibration of that astonishing acoustic through the soles of their feet!).

Lang appears to genuinely LOVE every note that the composer wrote, and invites each of them up through the keys as a gift to us, his audience. He seems completely at ease and at one with the instrument (if a person can be "at one" with a thousand-pound contraption of cast iron and wood whose lid could kill you if you happened to be under the hood when it fell).

So there I was, feeling so lucky to be seeing this incomparable artist close up, for free, shuffling the Osho Zen deck because my hands felt like doing something. Why the Osho Zen? I don't know. I've had a yen to work with the Zen for a few weeks now.
Every once in a while a card would jump out of the deck as I watched the Beethoven unfold on my computer screen.

Guidance of Rainbows popped out twice. This is the 3 of Pentacles in most decks. We all need guidance, of course. And the DSO relied on the guidance of its conductor, Leonard Slatkin, to pull off this intricate dance between soloist and orchestra. It was the stuff of angels.

Politics of Clouds, usually the 7 of Swords, jumped up next. I'm sure Beethoven dealt with politics in his day, just as we have to. I'm Canadian, watching a US station. Well, we all know what kind of politics are going on down there these days...

No-Thingness, the fifth trump, better known as the Hierophant, flipped onto the floor. What an interesting card, I thought, as the performance moved into the third and final movement of the concerto. It was dancing in Lang's hands; he smiled up at Slatkin as they tossed the music back and forth and then...
the screen went blank. There was no-thing but a little spinning "I'm thinking; you'll have to wait" circle. Huh. And there it stayed, through the entire last movement (my favourite of the three, by the way) and Lang Lang's encore.

The card that hopped from the deck as I waited, hoping that the next moment would bring everything back?
Moment to Moment of Rainbows, aka the 2 of Pents.

Postscript: the DSO apologized for the interruption to some of its viewers, and will have the entire broadcast up on its Replay page soon.

The End