Sunday, October 09, 2016

Bossy decks and the life-changing magic of tidying up

In yet another attempt to ditch excess stuff, uncover more floor, enjoy my house, and not be embarrassed when someone drops by unannounced, I bought yet another 'clean up your act' book. (This time I might even read it. The previous buying-and-burying-it-under-a-pile-of-other-books method didn't yield great results.) Turns out it's a pretty famous bestseller: the life-changing magic of tidying up.

Into the category of Cool Coincidences comes my experience in the check-out line at Chapters yesterday.
It's not Christmas, no Harry Potter books are being launched, and it's a school day. So why is there this huge line-up and what the heck are all these elevenish kids doing all over the place? I struck up a conversation with the woman ahead of me in line; we were going to be there a while.

She suggested we were surrounded by a field trip. And we were; their bus was waiting outside when I left the store, and the students boarding said things like Thanks, Mrs. Something-or-other, it was fun. And Thank you for planning it for us, Miss Whosits.
Isn't a book store a BRILLIANT place for a grade school field trip? I heard one of the teachers say: 'So-and-so, you need three more books.' I don't know whether they were spending fund-raised monies for school library books or what, but WOW! Sure did love hearing those words!

And then the young woman looked at the tiny tome in my hand and said 'I loved that book.'
I was taken aback. 'You've read it?' What are the odds of that happening?
'It came out when we were building our house and getting ready to move. I recommended it to all my friends.'
We yakked a bit more about the book and her favourite sections in it.

Now I'm pumped about this little hardcover, and I've asked two sassy opinionated decks, plus one dark one, to answer this question:
What's your advice on cleaning up my pack-rat-y house?

Tarot of the Sidhe ~ Earth, the Maker (aka Ace of Pents - sides trimmed)
Time to get down and dirty, lady.

Tarot of the Burroughs ~ Page of Cups
Make a list and stick to it. No cheating! No getting side-tracked!

Dark Grimoire Tarot ~ Knave of Wands
You know that dark and scary room? The one you avoid? We're goin' in!

There you have it! House clearing advice from the tarot.

This Monday, October 10, is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. So much to be grateful for!
(And even more when my house is tidied up!)