Monday, September 05, 2016

Using tarot and an oracle deck, side by side

There are many oracle decks that I love - it's the artwork that persuades me to buy them. But I don't really use them for anything.
Why not?

This past week, I've been experimenting with mixing
Housewives Tarot
  • one question
  • one tarot card
  • one oracle card

I decided to use the oracle's image to be the other end of the tarot card's teeter-totter. Its container, its descriptor, its parameters; the direction in which the tarot would be directing its gaze; something sucking the tarot's meanings over to it.
Inner Child Cards
Then smushing their meanings together into what I hoped would be a cohesive new 'thing', perhaps taken in an unexpected direction by the influence of the non-tarot card.

I chose my new (April 2016) Tarot of Prague, and an oracle deck called Earth Magic to partner up.

Butting and overlapping the two cards together in a way that seemed to blend their landscapes made it easier for my eyes to see how one flows into (or out of) the other.

Here are the pairs that came up in answer to a few questions.