Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I give up! The Moon moves too quickly for me.

I heard a lot of moon stories from my Mom. My favourite comes from her family's cottage on the bluff overlooking Lake Erie, where she, her three sibs, and assorted cousins idled away their idyllic summers.
The cottage upstairs was divided into two main sections. One side was my Mim&Pip's bedroom. The rest of the second floor was curtained off dormitory-style, into four 'rooms', one for each of the kids.
Mom and her sister had the two cozy alcoves at the front, each with a double window facing the lake. There was barely space for a three-quarter bed (do they even make those anymore?), a dresser, a chair. And the MOON! It bloomed in the sky, danced a diamond swathe across the lake, poured through the windows and dazzled my Mom. She never got undazzled.

I had a few chances to experience that moonstruck time during summer sleepovers at Mim&Pip's, in that same bedroom overlooking the lake, in that same 3/4 bed. There was magic in the slightly musty dampish distinctly cottagey tang permeating the air.

The upshot is that I love the moon; always have, always will. But here's the thing: by the time I get out there to see it full, or waning or waxing, or new, it's already been there done that.
AnnaK Tarot

So, dear Moon, I'll still revel in your astonishing shadows - if I'm outside when you're full. I'll still be amazed at how like a giant peach you are when you first clear the horizon - when I remember to look. I'll do my level best to notice and appreciate you.

But I GIVE UP trying to track EACH phase, EACH month, EACH bit. I QUIT!
I love ya, moon, but I just can't keep up!
AnnaK Tarot

Here's my pledge:
I will do a stellar job of noticing the four turnings of the year. I think I can make a success of that.
Gaian Tarot

There's one coming up soon - the Autumn equinox, on September 22 - and already I'm out of sync.
When I was a kid we learned that the seasons changed on the 21st of the month, and I'm sticking to it. Accuracy be damned!
Victorian Fairy Tarot

Happy Equinox to you ~ whichever day you celebrate it!