Sunday, August 07, 2016

Testing, Testing: Mythical Goddess Tarot

I've had this deck for a while, even trimmed it, but never really got acquainted with it. It's time!

A few facts before I start grilling the deck.
Most of the Majors carry their usual names, with one or two notable exceptions (see 3. below).
The suits are Fire, Seas, Wind, Earth, and the 'courts' appear as Child, Maiden, Mother, Crone.

1. Each of the Majors has its own goddess, but not so the Minors. Is there a reason for that?
Wind 9 ~ Criticism
(Uh-oh. I'm in for it now.)
Just as our minds conjure up criticisms, so do they build structures (like a tarot deck) and formulate plans. The plan with this Mythical Goddess Tarot is to incorporate many strands: the sacred feminine, mythology, and Earth's seasons and elements. By choosing goddesses for the 22 trumps, then branching out into the many facets of nature, and tying it all together, this deck has a rich, broad focus. 

2. I find the key phrases on the Minors a bit off-putting when I'm trying to think about the cards' images and meanings.
The Star XVII ~ Pleiadian Star Goddess
I sense tension in your question, Teawoman. Please breathe! Our cards pour out so much wisdom, and so many slants and perspectives, that you will find it refreshingly simple to work with many possibilities: your intuitive take on the images, the traditional card meanings, the artists' images, and our key phrases featured on the minors. We are here to help ease your way!

3. I like the mix of goddesses from different cultures. Do they work well together?
Sacred Fire XI ~ White Buffalo Calf Woman
You will find strong goddesses in this pack of cards, each gifting you her power. I am of the first peoples to walk this earth, and I lend my strength to all who come to seek wisdom from this deck. I welcome all, and embrace their beliefs and customs, as they do mine.
(Note: this is the Strength card in this deck.)

4. Is there anything you'd like to mention that I haven't asked you?
Fire 2 ~ Centering

Seas ~ Child ~ Innocence                                                                     Earth ~ Ace ~ Manifestation   

Observe the
elements as they
rest, work,
and play.

Fire 3 ~ De-Light