Monday, August 29, 2016

More from the tarot vaults...

When this appears, I'll be participating in the quintessential Canadian summer pastime: going to the cottage. In northern Ontario they call them camps, but it's the same thing. Some kind of habitation (snazzy or humble, indoor plumbing or no) by a lake. Summer just isn't summer for me without a serious chunk of lake time!

So once again, I'm blog-cheating and hauling stuff out of the basement for when I'm away. Two posts from the summer of 2014.
This one's from June of that year: strawberries and summer
A couple of days ago I was digging around in the depths of the chest freezer downstairs. Stomach folded over the edge, dangling arms foraging through unlabelled piles of who-knows-what. No luck locating what I went down to get, of course, but I did find some strawberry jam. Mmm. The perfume of summer.

And August: a ducky little post about cottaging with a friend. There's something about the gentle splooping sounds of tiny rippley waves nosing into the dock on a still morning at the lake...

I hope you've enjoyed something that is on your essential-for-summer list!
Siamese Tarot