Sunday, August 14, 2016

Life is Good!

I'm writing this on Saturday evening, August 6.
After a day spent at the computer, my eyes needed a rest and the rest of me needed to move around.
This was the first comfortable day, heat-wise, that we've had in ages. Time to get out and enjoy it!

I set off on a walk, heading south toward the park at the end of my street. Loud cheers and laughter were coming from a crowd gathered around one of the picnic shelters (the new big one), with more white rental tents clustered nearby. Maybe 150 people of all ages. This was calling for investigation!

A HUGE indestructible-looking pinata was tied onto one end of a rope slung over an oak branch. A tiny girl who looked about 3 years old was steadfastly thwacking away at the big green horse amid shouts of encouragement. She was going to need some help cracking that thing open!
About a dozen round wedding-type tables with white cloths and centerpieces, china and glassware, awaited the guests. Off to the left several women fussed with a massive buffet set up and ready to go. I've never seen anything this fancy in the park. It's usually a jeans and hotdogs kind of place.

What was this?

I circled over to a balloon-festooned sign strung between two trees on the opposite side of the dining tables.  Happy 25th Anniversary to Oscar and Luisa! it said.

Some women and men near the food area were chatting and didn't appear to be frantically busy, so I asked where the guests of honour were. There was some pointing and shirt-colour naming, and finally one of the women took my arm, said, 'Come!' and escorted me to Oscar. I congratulated him on the beautiful gathering, and headed home in the balmy air and golden setting sun, smiling big.

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