Saturday, July 09, 2016

Meet 'n Greet: 2 perspectives

I'm looking for a new doctor. The one I've had for 30+ years is fine, but I feel I need a change.
Two things make this challenging:
1) Not many docs are accepting new patients.

2) They are (understandably and laudably) reluctant to poach patients from their colleagues.

I had two leads - my daughter's doctor, and my friend's doctor. Neither were accepting new patients but both agreed to see me because of my connection to someone on their existing roster. And once that hurdle was cleared, there was the whole why-am-I-leaving-my-current-family-doctor thing to try to explain. Is he incompetent, brutal, error-prone? No. Then....why?

Last week was the first of these excursions. The receptionist regarded me warily. She was polite but distant. Everyone else she greeted with friendly enthusiasm. The doctor herself didn't bother to sit down, but stood and waited for me to explain. I tried. I asked if she had any questions. Her response? We don't normally do a meet-and-greet. Polite but definitely disdainful. She moved on to the next patient waiting across the hall. I could hear them comfortably greeting each other. 

Next: the second receptionist. I had already cleared the he's-not-taking-new-patients thing in a previous phone conversation, so this time I called to set up an appointment. She was warm on the phone. It was either genuine, or she was Oscar-worthy. I asked what would happen when I came in. Oh, the doctor will go through your medical history with you. Talk about what you're looking for. You know, kind of like a meet 'n greet. She couldn't see my jaw drop. 

The same three little words, in the same context, yet worlds apart. Wow.
Are there tarot cards that contain two such different perspectives within one image? Yup.

Here's the first one I thought of - from the AnnaK - the 4 of Cups
Isn't this fun? Harrumph.

The Bohemian Gothic, Two of Cups. 
Hello, my dear girl; how are you this fine evening? I wish he'd leave me alone.

The reliably off-the-wall Bruegel Tarot, the 2 of Swords.
Aarrgh! Whatever.

The Inner Child's Emperor IV
Don't I look great? He's kidding, right?

Tarot of Jane Austen, 2 Candlesticks (Wands/Fire)
Two sisters, Fanny and Susan Price, born of the same parents in the same house, with vastly different lots in life.
It will be all right, Susan. Maybe for you, Fanny, but not for me.

The Eight of Fire from the Mystical Cats.
It's nice here. I'm outta here!