Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dining Al Fresco: in movies and tarot cards

Tonight I'm watching (again!) Chocolat, which has one of the most gorgeous outdoor dinner scenes ever. Soft air, candles, succulent food, wine. Mmmm. And it's kind of forbidden, which of course makes it all the more delicious.

Other movies with unforgettable (to me, anyway) al fresco dining scenes are:

Eat, Pray, Love, during the Eat section in Italy. Elizabeth Gilbert/Julia Roberts is getting comfortable in her own skin, feeling fluent in Italian and fortunate in her new friendships.

Under the Tuscan Sun has mouth-watering indoor eating scenes as well as an outdoor wedding. We just have to wait until Frances Mayes, played by Diane Lane, gets herself sorted.

A Good Year, set in France. Much of the movie is al fresco, and the mouldering old wine villa is as much a character in the movie as are the actors.

The Darling Buds of May, a British series introducing a very young Catherine Zeta Jones. Their version of al fresco is likely to include wandering livestock and general unruliness. 

A Month by the Lake, set in pre-WWII Italy, at Lake Como.

There's lots of lakeside dining in Lake Come, but also such tantalizing swimming; I want to go there and jump in! Especially as I'm writing this on a humid 38C (100F) day here in south-western Ontario.

OK, on to the tarot cards!
As you would expect, most of the companionable eating-outdoors scenes take place in the suit of Cups. 
The Alice Tarot, with perhaps the most famous tea party in all literature!

Art of Life Tarot

Fantastic Menagerie

Green Witch Tarot

Wheel of the Year Tarot

Songs for the Journey Home: this one's not quite as jolly as the others. Something went horribly wrong at this meal.

Tarot of Jane Austen, the lone Air/Sword/Quill in the bunch. A picnic where sharp words result in hurt and regret.

The Tea Tarot, and a commercial venture by an enterprising mouse

A sweet finale from the Cook's Tarot. Notice the multi-tasking!

Eat, drink, and stay cool!