Saturday, June 04, 2016

Beans, Brits, Lies, Tarot?

Four hotdogs left in the fridge, and no bread-products in the house. How about beans? Yes! Standing in front of the baked beans aisle at the grocery store, I saw: beans with molasses, beans with brown sugar, with pork, with maple syrup, with barbeque flavouring, with chili. Nah, none of those. Wait - what's that one? Beans, British-style, startling turquoise label. The ingredients read like the usual, but who can resist anything British-style? Not me. So the dogs and two cans of the beans ended up together, with some salsa added for zip. There's a few dinners done and dusted.
Look at that cute little drippy bean in the

Which brings me to lies, British-style. Tim Roth, the crookedy-postured dishevelled irreverent abrasive-with-a-good-heart Dr. Cal Lightman in the series Lie to Me. Based on the facial expression research of Dr. Paul Ekman, an advisor to the series. (I love Tim Roth.)
Cal Lightman is inordinately fond of beans on toast (is that a British thing? I don't know), eating them several times a week. A fact which elicits some razzing from his teenage daughter on the show.

So there we've got beans, lies, Brits. Time to tie in some tarot. Hmm. I'm going off to watch some TV and maybe something will come to me. Or I'll think of a brilliant lie that will suffice.

Full of beans. Of course, there's the obvious gaseous connection. Not that one. I mean the reference to being full of energy (again, not that kind of energy, although isn't methane how the cow was able to jump over the moon?), high spirits, sass, an element of mischief.
And there's also the full of beans used to mean talking nonsense, inaccurate, out in left field, way off base. (Too bad I don't own the Baseball Tarot.)

I'm going with excess energy, friskiness, high spirits. Here are some cards that I think have that quality about them. They're all from the Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot - high jinks and sass!

Gene Kelly again? He was just in this blog a couple of weeks ago!

I hope your week is full of beans!