Sunday, May 22, 2016

Testing, Testing: The Tarot of Prague (2016 reissue)

You know that I've just been to Prague, toured with Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov, and received their newly reworked version of the Tarot of Prague while I was there. If there's a more magical way to acquire a new deck, I can't imagine what it might be!
Photo by (stolen from) Alex Ukolov of Baba Studio

Here, in the usual devil's advocate style, are the questions I'm posing to the Tarot of Prague.
1. I have been fortunate to visit your magical city and enjoy many of the sites on the cards. Will this deck read as well for people who've not been to Prague?
Queen of Wands
You will notice that, inscribed along the bottom of this card, are the words:
GOOD CHEER AND LET US BE JOYFUL. My hope is that readers will indeed embark upon a journey through this deck with joy, even though they may not have had the pleasure of being in our fair city.
As you can see from my card, the elements included, although specific to Prague, are a feast for the eye and the creative mind. Will you choose all or just one or two for your focus? My sheltering canopy? Our comical lion with his tongue out-sticking? Perhaps the scales which my babe enjoys holding (I hope she does not drop them and frighten away the lion!). 

2. Most of your cards contain multiple images. Might this be confusing?
Queen of Pentacles
It is possible that an initial sensory overload may occur. Be patient; let your mind settle. Our cards are meant to be savoured and mulled over. And may I say that we have been masterfully collaged; I presume that you've noticed this?
As my fellow regent has mentioned, a reader may decide to use some or all the images provided to bring a richness of layers to her/his work. I would love to say more, but it grows late and is past the time for this child of mine to be a-bed. (Where is that lazy nursemaid?) I've no doubt that the ram will be grateful to be relieved of his duties as royal plaything.
I leave you now to ponder who might be watching from the lighted windows behind me. 

3. I love the metallic overlays on these cards. Should I be noticing where they've been applied when I read with this deck?
The Star
That is a stellar idea! You may choose to steer your emphasis toward the light, or investigate the areas left with a matte finish. Can you see that on my card, my water vessels are the brightest elements? Followed closely by the script on the pillar in the background, and the water, with its pattern of stars. The woman filling her flask behind me and her jetting gargoyle are more muted, while I myself, the star of the Star card, have no sheen whatsoever. What might one make of that, I wonder? Perhaps nothing, but perhaps...
Note: there is NO WAY that my scanner can convey the beauty and sheen of these cards, and I'm so sorry! Their metallic overlays are at once subtle and breathtaking. Karen has a short video up on their site which almost conveys the look. I think you have to see these cards in person to understand what I'm talking about!

4. What would you like me to know about you?
Five of Wands
I am always ready with an opinion. When you look to me for ideas I will volunteer an abundance of them, never fear!
My fiery wands burn bright in the fray! And although my images may teem with diverse energies, when push comes to shove, we work as a team. 

Bonus peeks
These three cards didn't appear for the review above, but I wanted to show them to you anyway!