Sunday, April 17, 2016

Magic Prague Tour (Ghost Post #1)

This is a ghost post, written ahead of time, and sent out via the magic of internet scheduling. I'm not actually home writing, but in Prague (I hope).

This is where we're staying: House at the Big Boot.

This is one of the things we'll be doing: funiculi...funicula...

And then I get to eat this:
Tender paté with almonds and orange with cranberries.
Meat skewer of pork and chicken with herb rice and zesty sauce.
Small Bohemian pancakes with plum jam, and cottage cheese.

We're visiting here: the Ossuary at Kutná Hora

And eating this afterwards:
Alchemical Menu
Game Pate
Chicken Strips cooked in Old Hungarian style - according to Bohemian cookbook of an alchemist knight Bavor the younger Rodovsky from Hustirany in 1591 (slices of chicken steak in white wine and cream sauce with chopped almonds, onion, parsley, ginger, saffron)
Raspberry Aurum Foliatum (raspberry dessert embellished with 23-carat gold foil and whipped cream)

And being given one of these: 2016 edition Tarot of Prague
A review of this gorgeous deck when I get back and unpack and recover from jet lag...