Sunday, January 10, 2016

When the Aces and Pages grow up...

I love the AnnaK Tarot. Both her self-published version (2008) with narrow borders and small card titles or symbols at the top, and the 2013 Llewellyn edition with wider borders, thinner stock, and card titles in a separate band at the bottom. (The first four cards are Anna's edition, and the linked pairs below those are Llewellyn's, cropped.)

It is loosely RWS in its style, with some notable exceptions.
Like the really scary Five of Swords: winning versus losing, taken to extremes. Yikes!

Or the bewildered and overwhelmed Two of Rods (aka Wands). Oh dear.

This Ten of Swords victim is walking away. Enough already!

And I can't leave out this lusty busty Empress breast-feeding her baby. She's not completely unlike most Empresses, but you don't want to be messin' with this mama!

But here's what I really wanted to show you! It illustrates the ongoing nature of each suit so beautifully, and enriches the readings. I don't know whether or not Anna Klaffinger herself meant any of these connections; this is just how I see it, and I hope it's OK with Anna that I'm making free with her deck!

The Aces grow up to be Queens: the nature of each suit as it moves into the fullness of adulthood.

The Pages mature into the Kings: the energy of each element tempered by years and wisdom.

I hope you enjoyed this coming-of-age post!