Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Year of the 66 Hermits!

I love the Hermit card. It's the first card I look at in a new deck. I wish it were one of my birth cards, but no matter how I crunch the numbers I just can't make it work; the High Priestess refuses to budge.

Our new year, 2016, which reduces to 9, is the Year of the Hermit. Time to go offline? Quit hanging out with people? Give up your phone? Live in a cave? Move to the middle of nowhere? Sure, it you want to!

My first thought (when I began this behemoth post two-and-a-half days ago!) was to gather together nine Hermits for a nice simple little blogpost. Ha!
By the time I'd subdivided the types of Hermit images, and gone through many of my decks, my list contained 67 Hermits. Not even divisible by 9, let alone a mere 9! 

So this became a veritable convention of Hermits! A huddle of Hermits? A silence of Hermits? A contemplation of Hermits? A herd of Hermits?
Make yourself a pot of tea or pour some wine, and check out this band of solitary souls. I've whittled it down (whittling is a good Hermit-like activity) to 66!

Category 1A
An element of leavetaking: leaving what you know, looking beyond the usual, aloneness, escaping.

Category 1B
Uncertainty, wariness, trepidation, sadness
(A friend's comment on the Mucha Hermit "Interesting that she looks rather scared or cautious. I don't remember the male Hermits with similar expressions..." opened up this whole category.)

Category 2A
Shining a light on or for yourself, seeking self-knowledge, enlightenment; contemplation.

Category 2C
There is an element of time in the search: time is passing, is of the essence; an enforced period of taking time to figure something out.

Category 4
Unusual Hermit cards, or those which belong to more than one category, or are just too gorgeous to leave out!

Category 5
Herman's Hermits (of Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter fame). When I googled 'images of hermits' there were more pictures of this 1960's British invasion group than there were of actual hermits, but maybe that's to be expected. Real hermits aren't big publicity seekers.

Category 6
Nine recipes for Hermit cookies. Just kidding! Only one recipe - Hermit cookies are a homey lumpy raisin-y nutty spicy variety of drop cookie. I'd definitely substitute butter for the shortening in this Sun-Maid recipe from 1923, and probably double it. Who wants to drag out all these ingredients for a mere three dozen cookies?

I hope you've enjoyed your time at the hermitage!