Sunday, October 04, 2015

Unhidden Beauty in Florence

Not all of Florence's golden treasures are tucked away in museums.
It was the end of a very hot, climbing, trudging day in August.
I was heading 'home' across the Ponte alle Gracie, craving the cooler shadows of evening,
and was presented with this serene piece of beauty. A feast for tired feet.

The young woman below may be feeling the same way as she rests along the riverbank.
Art of Life Tarot

Sometimes a small treasure appears exactly when it's most needed.
 This conscientious lion serves thirsty travellers in the piazza of tiny Fiesole,
a minuscule hill town just outside Florence.

Cake to the rescue!
Alice Tarot

Occasionally the treasure is a surprising bit of cheek.
This full-size David lords it over the new food court in Mercato Centrale market.

The Emperor's new clothes?
Like the treasures of Florence, sometimes the golden nuggets in a tarot card are not hidden deep within the imagery, but are right in front of our eyes, waiting to soothe, refresh, cheer. 
And at that moment, that's enough.