Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Can Predict the Future...NOT!

Actually I can predict the future a bit.
If this is your fridge, I predict a trip to the grocery store within the next six months.

There will be rain.
Your bedroom window is open and the outside temp is 0° (C. or F., take your pick). I foresee a blanket in your future.

You will meet a stranger.

As for these kinds of questions...
Will I get the job I've applied for? No clue.
Does my ex intend to come back? How the heck would I know?
What's in store for my life over the next six months? Haven't the faintest idea.
Will this month/year be better for me than the last? I got nuttin'.
? ? ? ? ?
This is disappointing coming from someone who supposedly 'reads' tarot cards. Many querents are looking for answers. Period. Never mind how they might improve their situation by trying something different or reorganizing how they look at the problem. Just yes, no or when, thank you very much.

So a failure as a fortune teller, then. But...
I'm quite good at asking questions and rummaging around in the card's images for ideas.

For instance, take a look at this Page of Pentacles from the AnnaK deck.
A few thoughts, in no particular order.
- Are you happiest working alone?
- Are there times when you feel a need to escape to a place of solitude?
- What are you hoping to extract from your work life?
- Is pulling golden ideas from the watery depths something you'd like to practice or cultivate?
- Do you find yourself fishing for compliments?
  • If you accidentally found something valuable, would you try to find its owner?
  • Is there a line of enquiry you hope to pursue?
  • Are you easily reeled in by tricksters/liars/cons
  • Is your station in life at odds with what you most enjoy doing?
  • What's your favourite time of day/season of the year?
- There is a type of grassy bulrush that is currently threatening wetlands. Are you concerned about its impact on the environment?
Are your first impressions of people dependent upon their haircuts, clothing, skin colour?
Do you need a vacation - preferably one with fishing, swimming, a lake?
Is it time to carve this year's jack-o'-lantern?
Is there something swimming around in your mind, just below the surface, that you're trying to pull out?
  • Are you snagged on an impasse at work, on a project, maybe healthwise?
  • Is solving fishy issues in your career field child's play for you?
  • Is it time to quit playing around and get serious?
  • Do you crave more play in your life? 
  • A flexible rod catches more fish. Are you being too rigid?
If you could go back to your childhood, would you?
Did you have a favourite hiding place as a kid? Or now?
Were you a loner as a child? Or now?
Do you have dreams where you show up inappropriately dressed for an event? Or, worse yet, naked?
Do you feel like a fish out of water in some situations?
  • What's on your bucket list?
  • Do you worry about how much manmade crap is being found in our lakes and oceans?
  • Are you happiest when it's sunny?
  • Would it be fun to set up or participate in a treasure hunt?
  • Is the anticipation of receiving something new more fun than actually having it?  
There are more ideas to be winkled out of this card, but that's good enough for now.

Happy perusing!