Sunday, July 26, 2015

Can tarot help when the wheels fall off? AnnaK Tarot

I never used to think so.
When I was reeling from emotional blows in the past, the last thing I felt like doing was tossing down some cardboard pictures. This is real life going on here - who gives a f*** about some stupid cards?
Can they help with this? Can they fix anything? Hell no. Just leave me alone.

A few days ago, a beloved friend and I entered some scary challenging territory. I was alternately pacing, stewing, welling up with tears. Found it hard to concentrate, to be productive, to settle into anything.
My AnnaK was on the table. I dealt a row of three cards and looked at them. There was some sense there. I laid down two more rows of three.

Here's what I got from the most pertinent cards.

 You have many blessings in your life.
Remember all the good that has come from this friendship over the years.
Whatever happens, meet it with grace. Be a grown-up.

Face facts.
Separate reality from fantasy.

Continue building. Keep trying.

Was this helpful? Absolutely. Thanks for the kick-in-the-pants and the encouragement, tarot.