Saturday, July 04, 2015

Busyness and Industry

Things are hoppin' around here today! It's a hive of activity, none of it involving work done by me.
Victorian Fairy

There's a guy in the backyard, digging out rotten old fenceposts and cementing in new ones.
In the meantime, the missing chunks of fence have opened up my vista right through the neighbour's yard all the way to the side street. My horizons have temporarily expanded!
Fantastic Menagerie

In the front yard, my former student/snow shoveller/weed puller/piano mover has cut the grass
and is chopping out the browned-out weeds that I sprayed yesterday.
Then he'll begin hacking away at what used to be a little clearing by the side of the house.
If things weren't so dangerously desperately dry out West, I'd complain about my rain-enabled jungle.
Silhouettes Tarot

Meanwhile, in the basement, my handy-man-jack-of-all-trades is ripping off old wall panelling
(no, make that two layers of two different panellings) to find the source of some perplexing leaks.
Gaian Tarot

Old houses hide mysteries.
The basement's dropped ceiling and dreary fluorescent light fixture are history.
What's been discovered lurking above all that? A water shut-off, and it's open. Uh-oh.
Is it in use anywhere? Will something horrendous happen if we turn it off?
Dark Grimoire

(You've just been taken to one of my favourite movies; the quote is from Geoffrey Rush's character.)