Sunday, June 14, 2015

Impaled on the horns of the trimming scissors, with the Aquarian Tarot

To trim or not to trim the Aquarian Tarot, that is the question.

This deck has been around for 45 years and is a favourite first deck of many readers. Mine is new; I wanted to see what inspired all that devotion.

It's not imperative that I crop these borders. They're not obtrusive, distracting, a mismatched colour.
But these cards are quite wide, and I am in the mood for a little project.

However, trimming them is not a thoughtless cakewalk around the edges. Have a look.

MAJORS                                                                  MINORS

The Majors and Minors have different borders! How tiresome of them. Would that I could merrily snip around the beautifully dark lines of the Minors. Alas, no.

How about the backs? They might be helpful. Nope. Back borders and front borders do not align.

Am I willing to cut into a brand new deck and end up with tiny white mismatched borders? No.
I could take a Sharpie and a ruler, using the black line on the Minors as a guide,
mark the tops of the Majors and slice them off.
No. Too much potential for shaved-off numbers and crooked tops.

OK, Aquarian, no need to hang onto your hats today. You get to keep your virgin edges!
Be still, my eager scissorhands...