Sunday, April 19, 2015

Slippery Brain

Have you ever had days when your brain won't sit still? It's fluttery. It flees. If you try to pin it down it slithers away like Peter Pan's shadow. It's as temperamental as Tinkerbell. 

It wants to think about packing for New York's RS15. It wants to know what goddess bracelets I'm bringing, and how many decks will make the trip to Readers Studio. It's questioning me about peanuts versus prunes, T-shirts and tarot bags, and do I have a folding magnifying glass?

Let's put underwear in a suitcase, it says. Have you printed your boarding pass yet?
Never mind teaching and defrosting food. Forget about opening the mail and scooping litter.
Taxes? They're not important. Yes, that's dust on the floor. Your point?
Which fountain pen are you bringing? Let's count money. Go find a coupon for airport parking.

OK, OK! There are decks lining the bottom of my suitcase; I pulled out two Ziplocs for peanuts, and stacked up some underwear. My brain is temporarily mollified. But here's the rest of me...