Tuesday, March 10, 2015

From Duel to Duet with the Two of Swords

 It all began here with this Card of the Day,
Siamese Tarot

which brought to mind another Two of Swords with a similar configuration.
Anna K

The vertical Swords in the AnnaK looked like these,
Sreampunk (Moore/Fell)

which were similar to the spires on this card.
Bohemian Gothic

So now there were four by moonlight.

But we can't stop there! 

There's a duel,
Victorian Fairy

a stalemate,
Shining Tribe

some ignoring.
Cat's Eye

The Cat in the Moon,
and two studies in black&white.
Tarot of the Sidhe

Four more join the line-up.

Crossed swords at the wise old tree,

crossed hands and a songbirds' duet under the trees.

And then there were ten!

Duel to Duet

Winter giving way to spring!