Saturday, February 14, 2015

Testing, Testing: The Siamese Tarot

Preparing to test the Siamese Tarot sent me 1) to my closet for a look at this beautiful fabric, a souvenir from my son's visit to Thailand several years ago.

And 2) to my DVD shelves for Anna and the King, a sumptuous aural and visual feast set in 1862 Siam. (Malaysia stood in for Thailand in the movie).

Rewatching the film last night, I paused on this scene in the palace, struck by the similarity of the traditional painting next to the king and the stylized facial features drawn for this deck.

The Siamese Tarot is the work of Sukij P., and is available through his Etsy shop.
It has come to me all the way from its home in Bangkok, and kindly made itself available for an interview.

1. You freely admit to being a RWS clone. Why does the world need you?
Queen of Swords

We in the East think in a different manner than you do in the Western world.
This can present a problem when working out differences between us politically, and for understanding what is important to the other in negotiations.

This gracious Queen brings her stately ancient wisdom to this deck, and reminds us that more knowledge about other nations and cultures is not only helpful, but necessary.

2. Please show us two of your cards that you feel are particularly interesting.
It would be my pleasure.
I would like to present Trump XVI The Tower.

There is the beautiful visual of Siamese architecture to recommend this image.
But a new element is introduced into the traditional burning tower scene that I feel adds to this card's richness.

If you look carefully at the roadway on which the tower stands, you will see tiny glimpses into ordinary life moving about, oblivious to the cataclysm occurring above. A rickshaw, a parent walking hand-in-hand with a child, a pair of young boys, and two women.

What might this bring to your interpretation?

Next let us see Trump VII, The Chariot.

There is a driver pulled by a team of water buffalo. Not just two, but four. This can change the push and pull of the journey.

Most eye-catching to me is the other driver moving his chariot in parallel on the other side of the greenery.
We have a race.
Or a convoy setting out on a task.
Or a companion coming along in case his friend might need help.
Does this not add something for you to meditate upon?

Many thanks, Siamese Tarot, for sharing your thoughts and your evocative images.