Wednesday, February 04, 2015

North Star Tarot Conference, and AnnaK Tarot

To prepare for the minus temps of Minneapolis last weekend, I rented the movie New In Town, which supposedly takes place in a small town in Minnesota. The plot is a well-known one: inappropriately dressed heartless city-slicker Miami businesswoman arrives in corny town to lay off half the work force. Hell has indeed frozen over to the tune of 50 below Fahrenheit, and she's stuck there with the local yokels. But she ends up...well, you know...thawing.

I love watching the extras that come with movies. All that behind the scenes stuff.
It turns out that Minnesota wasn't nearly cold enough. Cast and crew trekked 300 miles north to film near Winnipeg, Manitoba. Everything froze in minutes: the cameras, exposed skin, and anything dripping from people's noses. (None of the gross stuff ended up in the movie.)

That was my mind-prep for flying to Eagan, Minnesota for the North Star Tarot Conference.
I've asked the AnnaK to illustrate.

Michael Foster is the perfect person to shore up one's courage in a No-Fear Tarot class! Friendly, down-to-earth, chatty, endearing. Don't worry about those big kids over there; just go play!

Jeannette Roth took us on an illustrated tour of the changing face of the Strength card. She knows a TON about tarot history, but didn't bash us over the head with it like an early Trump 8 (or 11) would've done. Generous, humble, informative, entertaining.

Estelle Daniels has been fighting to bring her new deck and book from words to flesh-and-blood published reality. She told us of her frustrations, and of the new muscles she's acquired along the way!

Nancy Antenucci's job was to kick my tight-ass critical over-thinking editor brain out of the way long enough for the winds of intuition to blow through. And kick ass she did! Funny, irreverent, fresh-air communicating.

Ferol Humphrey's Light and Shadow in Daily Life dealt out a balanced blend. One half had us light-heartedly blurting out the first thing that came to mind; the other half dealt with the darker aspects of life which jog alongside our brighter selves whether we like to acknowledge their presence or not.

Melani Weber is a slave-driver! She cracked her whip while we made all 22 major arcana - from scratch! - giving us only 5 minutes per card. To be fair, she provided us with all the craft supplies we could possibly want, and played appropriately cool music for each card. Exhausting and so much fun.

There were evening shenanigans by Nancy Antenucci and Rhonda Lund, trips for mouth-watering Mexican and Italian just around the corner from the hotel, and other stuff I was too pooped to participate in. All in all, a most pleasing palate!

Thank you, Twin Cities Tarot Collective!