Saturday, January 24, 2015

The generous world of tarot

There is a well-respected tarot practitioner in my city whom I've wanted to meet for several years, but our schedules never meshed... until last night. What ensued was an evening of wide-roaming conversation, good food, and the easy camaraderie of common interests.
And also with it came the discovery that our tarot worlds are as many miles apart as it is possible to be.

Can two people, whose approaches are oil and water, have a respectful tarot conversation and share readings with each other? Indeed they can. Chalk it up to this remarkable tool. Tarot can build bridges.

Keep in mind, however, that some crossings will be more comfortable than others!

I've invited three dissimilar decks to answer some questions about working with each other.
They are A) the Maat Tarot  B) the Gaian Tarot  and C) the Victorian Fairy Tarot

1. How do you feel about sharing a blog with these other decks?
A) Maat ~ 10 of Cups
Welcome to the blog! You can park your goose in our yard if you like. Want to come in for a cup of tea? I've just taken a raspberry pie out of the oven.

B) Gaian Tarot ~ Eight of Air
You're just in time - we're sitting down to figure out what we'd like to talk about on our blog. There are many opinions to share so we'd best get started. Have you worked with a talking stick before? No? It gives the holder an uninterrupted time to speak. Have a seat; you'll catch on in no time!

C) Victorian Fairy ~ Two of Autumn
Whew, give me a sec to catch my breath! This is the third blog I've helped with today, and my legs are wobbly from all the cycling. I'm not a Spring chicken any more! Have some apples - there's plenty. I hope I haven't missed too much? Excellent - thank you for waiting!

2. What will be your main contribution to the group? 
A) Maat ~ 4 of Swords
I'm good at seeing the different angles and shades of an argument, and helping fit together diverse pieces into a cohesive whole.

B) Gaian Tarot ~ 17 The Star
I'm a peacemaker. I help soothe ruffled feathers (can you see the small kingfisher beside me?) and offer the balm of cool evening's water to overheated mid-day tempers.
C) Victorian Fairy ~ XX Awakening
You'll notice that we've renamed what is usually called "Judgement" because we don't like the sound of that at all! Doesn't "Awakening" seem more productive?
I try to look at myself first, before seeing the flaws in others. I'll try not to judge your opinions harshly, and I'll count to XX if I'm tempted to make a snap judgement.

3. Would you be willing to co-write with these or other decks again?
A) Maat ~ 3 of Coins
I would be willing to work at it, even when my vision of how to proceed may not be the same as the others'.

B) Gaian Tarot ~ Seven of Fire
I'd be honoured. I work hard at my chosen tasks, and would aim all my focus onto our project until we'd hammered it into the shape we chose.

C) Victorian Fairy ~ Two of Winter
In theory, yes. It depends on the outcome of today's work. If I don't survive this experience, then I'll not be available for future blogs.
We fey folk are usually pretty good at resolving our differences without bloodshed, so I'm optimistic.

Many thanks to my three guest decks!