Sunday, January 04, 2015

Testing, Testing: The Ghosts and Spirits Tarot

I've had The Ghosts and Spirits Tarot for a while but haven't really worked with it much. That's what happens when one's deck-buying zeal exceeds the time available to peruse all those purchases.

Aghast interviewer: "Did you just say you have 149 decks?"
Sheepish me, mumbling: "Uh...yes. I finally got around to counting them."
Interviewer: "How are they organized?"
Me: "Like this, but with considerably less charm."

This time of year seems ideal for exploring the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot. The nights are long and dark, and we've just come through Winter Solstice, the mystery and magic of Christmas, and all those ghostly versions of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. We're primed for the otherworldly realm.

1. You look scary. How are you going to help me?
The High Priestess 2
Don't be daft, Woman. Have you not enough tarot savvy and just plain brains to figure out a great image when you see one?
Will you allow yourself to be put off by a few skulls?
Remember Ebenezer Scrooge. He was initially terrified of the ghosts but in the end learned great things about himself and others.
Are you not at least as smart as that old codger?
Let go of your fears and hear my wisdom.

2. You sometimes wander away from the RWS tradition. Are you readable without your Little White Book?
Five of Wands
My ideas are SO BIG that you will be bowled over by them, despite their otherworldly slant and occasional unusual configurations.
They are accessible, even when your energy is at low ebb and you might be feeling a bit down. Don't give up, and we'll come through for you.

3. What is your best feature?
Ace of Wands
My brilliance!
You'll find my ideas are all around you. Just when you think you've exhausted the possibilities, more will stream toward you in a veritable parade of light.
I have an excellent balance between dark and light; you could say that my yin/yang is alive and well. (Pardon my little ghost joke - alive - get it? We spirits enjoy a laugh now and then.)

Welcome to my world, Mortal!