Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Organization and the Eights (16 days 'til Christmas!)

I've always had a problem putting the Eights in their place. Where the heck are they in the scheme of things, anyway?
The Wands are happily throwing things, Cups are leaving, the Swords are stuck in the mud somewhere, and the Pents are solitarily working away. Where's the common thread?
Llewellyn's Classic Tarot

Gail Fairfield to the rescue! In her book, Everyday Tarot, she calls the Eights "organization".
Organization of energy, emotions, thoughts, or your stuff.
So how does this help me with the fact that there are only 16 days 'til Christmas?

Eight of Wands
Prioritize your energetic thrust.
Don't go to the mall unless you've eaten a good breakfast and are primed for battle. Arm yourself with an action plan and enter the fray with guns blazing.
Dark Carnival Tarot
Eight of Cups
Sort out your relationship tangles.
Am I buying for someone because I should? Because someone told me I had to? Out of guilt? Because I've done it for years even though we're not close any more? Maybe this year I'll only buy gifts for those on the same wave length, with whom I feel harmoniously in tune.
Inner Child Tarot
Eight of Swords
Organize your thoughts so you don't feel so stuck.
Sit down and make a list. What needs to be done today? Tomorrow? Next week? In 2015? Never?
What's the most productive use of my time? What doesn't need to be done until after the holidays? What can I delegate? What do I do every year that no one even notices?
Shining Tribe
Eight of Pentacles
Take an inventory.
Do I have unsalted butter for Gram's kipfel cookies? Leave it out to soften.
What am I wrapping with this year - plain brown paper or glitzy stuff? Clear a surface somewhere (anywhere!) for this wrapping to take place.
Where's the business card from that lady who makes non-sticking, non-staining playdough? The grandgirls would love it. So will their parents' upholstery.
Am I making those tote bags for friends? Set up the sewing machine. Dig out fabrics. Figure out how to thread the bobbin (yet again).
Victorian Fairy
Thanks, Eights! You've been a great help getting me organized for the holidays!