Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A New Year! (or is it?) with the Four of Wands

Well, it IS a new year for the Canada Revenue Agency. They tally income from January 1 through December 31.

There are other indications that January is perceived to be the beginning of a new year.
Charitable donation receipts begin to arrive for the previous calendar year.
The first page on most calendars is January.
The big ball drops in New York City`s Times Square on New Year's Eve, December 31.

For a lot of people, January 1 heralds a new year. And with it come the (insert retching noises) New Year's Resolutions.

I'm totally crap at New Year's Resolutions. Notice how I've capitalized Resolutions three times now.
I must have a lot of accumulated guilt surrounding this concept.
I did try, for years. But my heart wasn't in it.


A person who has spent most of her life either in school, or teaching, runs on an entirely different cycle.
The year does not begin in January, but in September with new pens & paper, new binders, new kids and teachers and schedules. Ah, the bustle that is back-to-school! Now that's new.
The year doesn't end in December, but in June when classes are done. Finished. The end of the year.
And then there are July and August, which have been renamed.
This is how it looks.

It's clear that my failure to stick to New Year's Resolutions is not my fault. I'm merely four months ahead or eight months behind. I can live with that.

So...I'm looking for a card that speaks of a beginning that is not a beginning, or depicts a middle that many perceive to be a beginning. Perhaps a hiatus before resuming.
It can't be an Ace. Nor a Ten finishing up a cycle. I considered Pages, but they're too inexperienced.
Fives? They're in the middle, but there's too much drama going on there.

How about one of the stable Fours? Yes!
The Four of Wands (15 of them to welcome in 2015!)

Intuitive Tarot
We're in a friendly little bubble as we break for Christmas and New Year's, knowing that on the other side of these celebrations comes the dismal stretch that is January and February.

Some people travel to be with family over the holidays.

Fireplaces take on new importance during Yuletide celebrations. This one would be a breeze for Santa.

Friends get together.
Bohemian Gothic

There might be weddings (I attended a magical one earlier this month). If it's held in a church, there's the added bonus of free seasonal decor!
Dreaming Way

We invite people to our homes,
Elora Tarot

where groups of friends celebrate together.
Fantastic Menagerie

We dig out the candles and wonder why we don't bask in their soft glow all year round.
Gaian Tarot

We enjoy some of the gifts we've received.
Housewives Tarot

There are concerts galore,
Karma Tarot

where we get to show off our finery.
Victorian Fairy

When the band has packed up,
Victorian Romantic 2006

we head for home sweet home
Llewellyn Tarot

to play with our new toys.
Mystical Cats

And then comes January, the beginning of the rest of the year.
Take a deep breath and plunge in!
Ghosts & Spirits Tarot