Monday, November 17, 2014

November 11, 1918 "The Wonderful Day"

Poppies have become the symbol of World War I because of this poem by John McCrae of Guelph, ON.
It was composed at the battlefront on May 3, 1915 during the second battle of Ypres, Belgium.          
When my neighbourhood was laid out eighty-odd years ago, the planners began with the centrepiece, Memorial Park, and framed it with streets honouring the participants of those terrible battles.

My Mom recently entrusted me with a shoebox full of letters her Dad posted home from France during WWI. Here's the one my then-19-year-old grandfather wrote on the day World War I ended.
He entitled it "The Wonderful Day".

I don't know what all those young people, who'd been slogging through the mud of Passchendaele, Ypres, Somme, and Vimy Ridge, watching so many of their companions fall, felt when they received the news that the "war to end war" was finally over.
Gratitude, exhaustion, triumph, anger, sadness, remorse, survivor's guilt, joy, fear, disillusionment? Perhaps all of them. A kaleidoscope of confusion.
Gratitude - Gaian Tarot
Exhaustion - AnnaK Tarot

Triumph - AnnaK Tarot
Anger - Gaian Tarot

Sadness - Voyager Tarot
Remorse - Tarot of the Burroughs

Survivor's Guilt - Tarot of the Burroughs
Joy - Gaian Tarot

Fear - Gaian Tarot
Disillusionment - Golden Age of Hollywood 

I offer this post with awe and gratitude
to all the men and women who left their homefires
Druidcraft Tarot

to set out on their great adventure,
AnnaK Tarot

and encountered this,
AnnaK Tarot

and this.
Gaian Tarot

Karma Tarot
Golden Tarot of Klimt

Death came, not in a glorious blaze of patriotism but with indiscriminate gore, to combatants and townsfolk alike.

Those fortunate enough to return brought their nightmares with them. 
Circle of Life Tarot

Lest we forget.