Sunday, November 23, 2014

Energy Extensions Part 5: not so different after all? (Gaian & Tarot of the Sidhe)

The content for this post is pure serendipity!!
In case you're not sure, serendipity is the opposite of shit happens.
Doing a reading this week, I decided to use two very different decks to give the querent a broader range of ideas.

I chose the gentle inclusive Gaian Tarot.
And the tough-love energy of the Tarot of the Sidhe (cropped at the sides).
Disparate decks for sure. Opposites. They agree to disagree.

Guess what? They have SO MUCH in common visually. I'm floored. Flabbergasted.

Here are two views of the first card that came up.
Notice the V-shape between the man and girl, and a similar shape above the Sidhe's head.
The roundness of the drum heads echoed in the circles surrounding the acorn.
The yellows and whites, the colour of the sky.

Their legs and the standing stones!

Small creatures curled or crouched at the bottom of the image.
The colours, the shafts of sunlight.
A background of trees.
Spirals in the fern fronds and on the Sidhe's skin.

So many birds! So crowded in by foliage or feathers.
The diagonal lines of the branches and the matching sun lines.

It just goes to show that you never know!