Sunday, November 09, 2014

Dr. Seuss and the Six of Cups

My kids LOVED Dr. Seuss. Especially The Lorax, Cat in the Hat, and The Sneetches.
Loved them SO much, in fact, that they had to hear them at least 4,872 times. 
To this day, snatches of the Sneetches still surface in my speech, the Lorax lurks in the lurkum of my cranium, and boredom brings up this bit from Cat in the Hat's Thing One and Thing Two:
"So all we could do was to
And we did not like it.
Not one little bit."

My three-year-old granddaughter's first ride into Orlando FL, and her experiences with these beloved characters, brought it all back. It was wonderful dipping into those memories.

Nostalgia and the Six of Cups
Many decks use variations on the RWS idea of unspoiled innocence in the garden of childhood.
L to R: Dreaming Way, Maat, Shadowscapes, Buckland Romani

Others keep the theme of childlike play using animals or other non-human creatures.
L to R: Inner Child, Cat's Eye, Victorian Fairy, Animal Wisdom

There's an aura of wistfulness in these reminiscences, and perhaps a tinge of regret.
L to R: Druidcraft, AnnaK, Art of Life, Dark Grimoire

Even the children look thoughtful in these decks.
L to R: Bohemian Gothic, Klimt, Legacy of the Divine, Steampunk

There's work going on with the element of Water in these Sixes. No free ride here!
L to R: Bruegel, Mystical Cats, Housewives, Sidhe

Simple pleasures.
L to R: Gaian, Herbal, Fantastic Menagerie, Zirkus Magi

Circle of Life
There are Sixes of Cups, Chalices, Water, the Sea, Dancers, Mirrors, Buckets, Hearts, Shells, and Summer to suit every taste and perspective.
Have a look around!