Friday, October 31, 2014

Testing, Testing: The Halloween Tarot

October 31
Ghosts traipsing the sidewalks, witches clinging to parents' hands, kid traffic shuffling through fallen leaves way past dark. The out-of-the-ordinary becomes ordinary.
And so it was this morning when I looked out my bedroom window and saw - five months after its time - a solitary white lilac riding like a ghost of spring atop a bush intent on shutting itself down for winter. Impossible. Definitely out of the ordinary.

Last year at this time, I posted using the All Hallows Tarot. This year, the Halloween Tarot is clamouring for a turn. Far be it from me to mess around with anyspirit's sense of fairness at Samhain.
Out of your tin, Halloween Tarot! Here we go.

1. Your images seem very cartoon-y. Do you expect to be taken seriously as a reading deck?
The Hierophant V
Well, that answers that question!
You've sent the tightly-wound wrapped-up-in-traditions teacher to have a talk with me about how serious this deck can be. Layers and layers of meaning to unravel, access to the wisdom of the ages, and glimmers of new ideas peering out the mask. Traditional meanings with a bit of green cat humour.
I'm sold !

2. Do you work well all year round, or only at October's end?
Queen of Ghosts 
This gracious queen will obligingly swim ashore whenever her wise, watery advice is needed. She can't remain aground for long, however, so have your questions ready. As soon as she's balanced her tail and wrung out her cape, she'll be open for business!

3. What do like best about yourself?
Death XIII
Any skeleton who waters the pumpkin patch but is careful not to dampen a moth's fuzzy fragile wings gets my vote. This gentle Death figure, in her thriving multi-creatured community, embodies (if one can say that about a skeleton) a congenial collage of death and regeneration. Whimsy and good humour shine through even the scariest of images in this deck. Serious messages served with a side of smiles!

Thanks, Halloween Tarot!