Sunday, October 26, 2014

Energy Extensions Part 4: one question & five decks!

In the previous three instalments on Energy Extensions, I've talked about extending the reach of an image's energy by taking a longer view, choosing a single guinea pig card to hold the middle ground before adding more cards on either side of it, and using a spectrum of colours to represent the energies or emotions in a card.

Today I'm consulting Bill Tarot's carefully thought-out Dynamic Spreads Deck for a question. I've chosen one from the EXPLORE CONSIDERATIONS section,
and amended the question to read
Who or what is making writing this post more difficult than it should be?
No need to pick a card; the answer is...I am! Stalling, procrastinating, changing my mind. But I'll pretend I don't know that and proceed. Working backwards (it seemed only fair to start at the other end of the alphabet for a change), I chose the last five of my scanned decks.
Wizards Tarot                 Witches Tarot 
Wild Unknown                           Wild Spirit 
All begin with W, and I'm doing this on a Wednesday. Cool. Since it's October, I'm choosing the 10th card in the shuffled Wizards deck. The clock on my computer says 10:05pm ~10th card, 5 decks.
I love number niceness.

The Page of Cups arrives. Here are all 5 Pages, side by side.
A range of things is getting in my way. I don't feel particularly fresh or shapely or cute or innocent or enthusiastic or alert or awash in youthful energy right now. I'm tired, grumpy, need a haircut, feel more like an ugly duckling than a swan, and have little faith in my intuitive skills. I'd rather sit around, chin in hands, and stare out the window at the changing leaves.

All the spruced-up energetic youth juice has drained out. Like this.

Well, that explains it. Thanks, Pages!