Monday, September 22, 2014

Pulling My Faves Part 2 - the Ace of Cups

The next group of nominees for my conglomerate deck of faves is pulled from the Aces of Cups.
If I continue at this pace, the final deck will have 468 cards and be the size of a small toaster.

As with the Aces of Wands, the selected cards must:
  • be engaging
  • have a sense of excitement and/or possibility
  • make me think

The AnnaK's Ace is tranquil and thoughtful;
winter's frozen feelings 
melting into a brand new spring. 

The Alchemical Renewed layers a river supporting a fish which carries a beaker of heart's blood which supports new growth. Its symmetry pleases me.

I like the expression of cranky feistiness in the eye
of this little nautilus from the Animal Wisdom.
You can't just throw your feelings around; be sensible.
And don't make a mess - I just cleaned up around here!

Such eagerness to embark on life in the Fantastic Menagerie. I can smell the brisk sea air and hear the surf.
She's not even out of the shell and is already making a fashion statement; now that's confidence!

In the Gaian Tarot a young salmon sets out alone, intuition driving him forward. An evocative beginning to what we know is a journey with an heroic finish.

The Ace of Summer from the Victorian Fairy makes me feel so peaceful. All the tension in my shoulders dissolves as I look at it. Do water lilies have a scent?

Six nominees for the Ace of Cups-Water-Summer-Shells.
Difficult choice!