Monday, August 25, 2014

Pulling My Faves Part 1 - the Ace of Wands

I don't love every single card in every single deck. I have favourites. What kind of deck would emerge if I put together my favourites from among my collection?
Well, of course, the sizes wouldn't match. Nor would the card stock, or finish, or colour palette. Let's face it - it would look like a mess. And be impossible to shuffle smoothly.
But...every card in there would be a gem (at least to me!). Will the deck change over time? Probably.

I intended to present JUST ONE card in this post, but right away three beloved Aces jumped into my head. When I perused my scanned decks of course there were more that made the cut. They had to:

  • be engaging
  • have a sense of excitement or possibility, or both
  • make me think candidates for the Aces of Wands: the element of Fire. Drum roll, please!

Fantastic Menagerie

Circle of Life

The Fey
Victorian Fairy

At this rate I'm going to end up with a deck of favourites that contains 468 cards
We're going to need a bigger box.