Sunday, August 10, 2014

Energy Extensions Part 3: using colours

I love colours, and sets of things.
Like this droolworthy macaron display in Budapest, from summer 2103.

And these glass gems (aka flat marbles) on the windowsill.
The gems' charms are many and their uses varied.
  • They come in handy as notes for music theory classes, and as game pieces.
  • When you submerge your fingers in them it's like plunging into a treasure chest .
  • You can pretend, as my little granddaughter does, that they are:
    • food
    • people
    • animals
    • money
  • They clink and slosh in your hands like glass waterfalls.
  • The sun pouring through them looks grand.

In this third segment on s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the energies outwards from a central tarot card, I'm using the gem's colours to represent the energy in each card. The more heated or intense the energy the more saturated the colours. Calmer emotions, paler colours.

Here are three examples of the Four of Wands.

In this Four of Fire from the Wild Spirit Tarot, the energy is intense. This is hard work and it's not yet completed. There's a feeling of urgency coming from the woman, who seems to be concerned about someone or something to her right.

The colours are hot, sweaty, saturated, and serious.

Here's the central card, the Four of Wands from the Druidcraft; it exudes peacefulness, calm, order. A sense of completion. Everyone's gone inside for a rest.
Despite the fact that a fire burns under the canopy in this image, there's nothing hot-and-bothered about it. The work is done. Relax.

The colours are cool pale blues and greens, with a bit of intense gold connecting it to the Wild Spirit before it.

The third Four of Wands is from the Fantastic Menagerie.
As in the Druidcraft, the work is done. The mood is jubilant as the whole community celebrates. They aren't resting; they're whooping it up!

The colours are once again saturated and intense, but not with sweaty focused work. They are vibrant, cheerful, exuberant. Their connection to the Druidcraft before them is the clear stone flecked with gold - the reward for work well done.

Here are all three Fours side by side.
You can see the amount and type of energy shifting as the cards progress.
1) Working with Fire                           2) Fire and relaxation                   3) Dancing under the Sun's fire