Tuesday, August 05, 2014

A ducky take on lake living and the suit of Cups

I'm reluctantly back from a week of cottage life where the pace was slow, and the livin' was wi-fi-less. What could possibly take the place of all that quality time usually spent online? Well...

Frequent swims in the sandy-bottomed clear cool lake.

Reading, of course!
The Name of the WindLet Sleeping Vets Lie, and a revisit to Hogwarts: Year Six. Didn't get around to Agatha Christie.

Tea-drinking and snacking (frequent) and journalling (less diligent) while my suit dried on the line before the next dip.

Some tarot play. AnnaK is in the Baroque Bohemian Cats bag, and the Gaian was somewhere else in the cottage when I took this pic.

Ukulele practice. I'm appallingly clumsy on the uke, but it's a forgiving little instrument.

And then there were the ducks! A family group obligingly paddled by, poking around in the shallows in front of the cottage. Their antics were just too fetching to ignore. And so the watery new Suit of Ducks was hatched.
Here we have the Ace of Ducks (reversed). 
As Above, So (not) Below.

The Two of Ducks (also reversed). 
Practising for the synchronized swim team.

The Three of Ducks - usually a card of celebration with three friends raising their glasses in a toast. 
In this variation, we have three friends raising their ***es in a toast. 
Bottoms up!

The Five of Ducks. Typically a pensive image of someone gazing sadly at three overturned cups, not seeing the two upright goblets on offer.

And finally, the Queen of Ducks.
Rising above all the silliness going on in the pips.

Goodbye from Lake Avalon!