Monday, June 30, 2014

What do you post when your thought bubble is empty? Trifles.

I remember a book from my long ago past about Rupert Bear. I don't know who gave it to me (maybe Santa), but I loved it.
It had comic-strip-type pictures with short rhymes, and the longer story at the bottom of the page.
I always meant to read the full deal, but somehow never got past the two-line verses.

There was one story about a girl named Tiger Lily. I think it was in this tale that Rupert was supposed to come up with an idea, but his thought bubble was empty. No matter how hard he tried - nothing.

This week I'm just like Rupert Bear. What to write about? No idea. Not even a trifle of an idea.

So here instead of a tarot post is an outstanding trifle that my clever cook daughter assembled!
She was experimenting with curd - lemon, of course, but also blackberry - and had them on hand.
Alas, most of us don't just happen to have an assortment of fresh fruit curds in our fridges, awaiting inclusion in some delectable dessert.

The layers went something like this:
lady fingers
tangy little dollops of lemon curd and blackberry curd
fresh raspberries
clouds of whipped cream folded with cream cheese 
Savour throughout the day as needed.