Sunday, June 15, 2014

Strawberries and the Three of Cups

The Strawberry Moon is a full June moon floating up when the little red beauties are ready to be harvested. This year it's extra special falling as it does on Friday 13th - a bit of a rarity since we won't see another June full Friday 13th moon until 2098. The last one occurred in 1919. So we're lucky!
(It's also called the Honey Moon because of its golden cast arising from high sun/low moon concurrence but I'm ignoring that fact because it doesn't fit into my strawberry theme.)

The Strawberry Fest in Lasalle, ON is a celebration of the new crop, strawberry shortcake, music, families, early June weather; a peek into full-fledged summer.

Strawberry Fields Forever (Beatles 1967)
Confession #1:
This morning I baked a cake and layered it with last year's strawberry jam. It's been downstairs patiently waiting while I've been hunting up images of strawberry confections.
Its wait is over. One large slice - aahh - the perfect bridge between breakfast and lunch.

Confession #2:
I'm not sure what any of this salivating over strawberries has to do with tarot.

I'm off to search out a card that has strawberries on it.
Googled tarot cards with strawberries and there was one very cute hit from the Animism Tarot. Alas, one card doth not a blog post make.

Back to the strawberries.
During a beautiful two weeks in 2006 touring tiny perfect Prince Edward Island, the home of red ocean cliffs and Anne of Green Gables, I drove my little blue rental car to the Rossignol Winery. It's a small friendly place, the day was sunny breezy July, and they specialize in vintages made from fruits grown on the Island. I wandered among the vines, admired the oceanside view, and tasted wines. Blueberry, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Maple, and Strawberry.

Art of Life Tarot

The link to tarot is a bit tenuous, but I'm choosing to believe that where there are goblets in these Threes of Cups, people are toasting each other with Strawberry Wine.
Cameraderie, good friends, sharing, celebrating.

Gaian Tarot
Victorian Fairy

I'm not sure where the strawberries come into these next Threes. Do otters eat strawberries? I don't know, but they are surely relishing their summer waterplay.

And I'm surmising that the fairies have already feasted on tiny wild strawberries before flocking to ye olde swimming hole with their feathered friends.

A light-hearted look at a few Threes - Cups, Water, Summer. 
And a Happy Father's Day, Dad!