Monday, April 07, 2014

Loading the READINGS button with the 7 of Cups

I’m in the process of organizing my READINGS button at the top of this page. Shouldn't take too long, right?
I do a lot of email readings for TABI, I can string words together, I own multitudinous decks, I have a creative mind, I’m reasonably conversant with the computer, I’m cheerful and friendly, and there’s Paypal.

How hard can this be?
Oh, about like this.

  • I prefer to read collaboratively with clients. How do you do that with a medium like email?
  • How can I assist people so their questions yield the best results for them?
  • Which decks shall I offer? Every one I own, how about 50 7?
  • How many spreads? 56, 22 6? 
  • How many cards per spread? All 76, 15 3?
  • What will the process look like from beginning to end?
  • How much backing and forthing between me and the client is the right amount?
  • Which format produces the look I want? And how do I get the #%* computer to do that?
  • PDF or Word? Colours or b&w?
  • How can I be all things to all people?(let's be realistic)
  • What if it's not perfect?(get a grip, woman)
  • How much choice is too much choice?

Which brings me to the 7 of Cups.
The card about too many choices getting in the way of one's ability to choose.
Unrealistic expectations. Daydreaming. Not getting much done.


It's exhausting.
Time for 
a glass 
of wine.

Decks shown: (left to right,top to bottom )