Thursday, March 06, 2014

Testing, Testing: The Wild Unknown Tarot

This is an unusual deck in its simplicity, lack of colour, spareness. And yet it radiates ideas in full colour! Here are three cards that I particularly like.

VII Wands
One Wand against six, and yet what a Wand! A flame burning brightly above all, holding its own against the darkness. One fire capable of igniting all the others, whether by inspiration or by flaming them all to ash.

VI Cups
You never know what's underneath. That bland old person has a colourful history; a friend is stronger than she appears on the surface; secrets;
there's more here than meets the eye;
as above, so below (or not?).

IX The Hermit
I'm showing the way for travellers who might be out and about. I'm not hiding my light under a bu-shell. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Sometimes I just need a little privacy.
When the oil burns low, I’ll replenish it with new introspections I'm cogitating on down here.  

Let's hear what The Wild Unknown has to say for itself.

How is your simplicity going to help me read you?     I The Magician
I'm sleek and fast. My magic is accessible because there’s not a lot of imagery to wade through. 
My delivery cuts right to the chase, but be warned - I can be ruthless. I'm possibly tricky. 
Can the leopard change its spots?

I'm used to much more colourful decks.     III Swords
But when I do choose to use colour it really shouts out! 
This III is a tangled bleeding mess. No messing around with this message. Three somethings or someones are stuck together here and it’s not working. Cut the ties!

Tell me something you'd like me to know about yourself.     X Wheel of Fortune
I can be complicated sometimes. If I seem inscrutable, just thread your way through and soon the light will dawn. All my ideas are interconnected, and there’s always something to be learned along the way.

Thank you, Wild Unknown!