Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Equinox and Justice

Equal time.

Equal parts day and night.
Equal parts dark and light.

Equally poised between Winter and Summer.

Actions and their equal
and opposite reactions.

Fairness, balance.

I don't actually like the Justice card. It's usually so serious; there's not much of a story going on.
It's a bit boring but I guess necessary in the interest of fairness. I crave fairness.
And the midpoint is a good place in the journey to take an inventory of how things are going so far.

In Tarot, Justice XI is the halfway point in the trumps.
(Some prefer Strength here, but I like the balance of Justice sitting in the middle between I and XXI.)

Legacy of the Divine 
                                          Justice is sometimes blind and thus impartial.
The Fey Tarot
The Dreaming Way Tarot

There are stern Justice cards.
You reap what you sow, you get what you deserve, what goes around comes around. 
Behave yourself or else! 

Others give off a slightly softer aura. Let's see what we can do. Let's weigh our options.
The Goddess Tarot
Wizards Tarot
Tarot Illuminati

There's a kind group that would like to help. 
Are things in balance? Have you got the proportions sorted out? Maybe I was wrong.
Victorian Fairy
Jane Austen
Gaian Tarot

And the whimsical ones are just plain cute!
Tarot of Oz
Housewives Tarot
Tarot of the Burroughs

Happy Spring!