Sunday, March 30, 2014


Every day a new word from arrives in my emailbox. Some I already know (insert proud feeling), some I don’t care about, and others are too hilarious to pass up. This is one of them.

Bumfuzzled: confused.
I'm confused about a lot of things:
  • directions to practically anywhere 
  • why I still sometimes buy Kraft Dinner 
  • the mass of cords behind my computer 
  • why some people prefer fake chocolate desserts to from-scratch lemon ones 
  • how one cat can fling so much fur around the house and not be completely bald 
  • what shenanigans go on in the Christmas decoration boxes that lead to all the tree lights coming out tangled when they didn't go in that way. 
Any tarot cards that bumfuzzle me? Yes indeed.

Let’s start with this 5 of Chalices from the Tarot of the Journey to the Orient
I really enjoy the artwork and it’s been my card-of-the-day deck for March, but every time this one comes up my first thought is always 
Who’s for dinner?

Then there’s the 4 of Swords from the interesting Bruegel Tarot, which is sometimes rather gory in its depictions of 16th century Holland. Here, some person with a huge hacksaw is walking off with a guy’s feet. Rather than lying on the ground moaning in pain, all the victim displays is some rather mild “what did he do that for?” arm waving. Bumfuzzling.

I love the art in the Badgers Forest Tarot, and the fact that the cards are borderless. There’s a Hierophant in this deck that has me stymied. I cannot seem to wrap my head around this wild boar as the educated guy that is Trump V! 

One last confusing thing. Why does my silverware drawer contain the full complement of forks and knives, but hardly any teaspoons? Where do they go? Utterly bumfuzzling.